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Symbolic Trumph

I'm nothing. Don't mind me. I'm just a pathetic girl with nothing to lose.



I literally just reblogged this two times in a row. No fucks given. This is the greatest post on tumblr.

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I can’t decide if Taylor or Nikki’s reaction is better

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preach it charli

I’m just tired..

10 ways to make it easier to forget him:

1) Throw the reminiscences of him away. Throw away his underpants that you hid under your bed when you’d stay at his and never take them off before you got home so you could sleep in them when you were home alone without him, hiding them because you were scared of your mum’s endless questions.

2) Don’t smile at him. In class when you look across the room and he’s staring at you behind his never read version of to kill a mocking bird and he smiles at you that smile that makes your heart melt…DON’T SMILE BACK. Don’t give into the pressure. He broke your heart remember.

3) Delete his number. Delete all his messages. De-friend him on Facebook. Unfollow him on twitter. To hell with it, throw your phone in a river and give you laptop to the homeless because trust me he’ll do everything in his will to make sure you see the picture of him and her at your special place in the park where he first said those 3 words that got you hooked.

4) Get drunk. Kiss boys. Take a few boys numbers, promise to call them in the morning and DON’T. Feel what he felt when he first met you and never called you after that first date when he promised he would. Don’t give in and call those guys that would of most likely broken your heart just like he did.

5) Throw all the notes he wrote to you away and left in your locker. Tv, movies and pizza date Friday? Our special place in the park after school? 3 words, starts with I and ends in U. He had a way with words didn’t he. Don’t re-read them. You’ll go crawling back to him, do you want to get your heart broken again? Burn them. Put them in a bottle and place it in the sea, never to be seen again.

6) Listen to sad songs while eating 6 bars of chocolate sipping vodka then wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve been run over and go to the gym. Chat up the guy on the treadmill next to you then grab a coffee with him. Make yourself feel good.

7) Take a freezing cold shower every night. So cold that it feels like you’ve body is being stabbed by a thousand knives continuously for 10 minutes straight. Let something hurt more than your heart for a change. Give yourself a break.

8) Buy that red dress he wouldnt let you buy because it was too short or too red or too low cut and go to his best mates party wearing it. Make him realise what he’s missing but don’t let him swindle his way back in. Don’t let him to continue thinking he owns you after he leaves you.

9) Keep loving yourself even though he doesn’t love you, think to yourself did he ever even love you in the first place? Or did he just want to get into your pants? Treat yourself with new underwear. Make yourself feel good. Retail therapy. A gym session. A big ass chocolate cake.

10) Fall in love with a guy that actually means I love you when he says it. That makes your heart beat so fast in your chest that you get scared that it’ll go into overload and stop beating altogether. That lets you wear what you want. Lets you do what you want. That loves you for being you.

my older sisters text to me when I told her about the ache in my chest (via damagedlyspoetry)

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mind blowing facts

mind blowing facts

Pierce The Veil-Bulls In The Bronx
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